Winter Kuari Pass Snow Trek - Just the way you always wanted it!

Winter Kuari Pass
Mahavir Rana

Have you ever wished for the Kuari Pass trek or for that matter any Himalayan trek to be more affordable?

Have you dreamed of camping in a pristinely beautiful forests perched high up above in the mountains with amazingly stunning views?

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to have hot delicious food while on a trek in the Himalayas?

Has it occured how cosy it would be to have a nice thick mattresses to sleep on and comfortable toilets while in the mountains?

Have you every wished to take along your more fragile and dear ones on these rugged mountains?

Sounds difficult to impossible right?!

One of the locals and also one of the expert local guides in the Joshimath area is making this a reality soon. Mr Mahavir Rana of Himalayan High Adventrures has developed an innovative Winter Kuari Pass Trek option, which is going to reduce the cost to do this trek significantly!

Earlier to do this trek it would cost anywhere between Rs 10,000 to 30,000 depending on the facilities you get. This apart the trek had to be done at dates specfied as it would need a group.

Mr Mahavir Rana is developing this option for nature seekers to do this trek on their convenient date at a mind blowingly low price instead of paying a premium for a customized trek.

He is setting up fixed camps at Lower Guling, which is a 3 km trek from Dhak road.

A trekker can now trek to all the major attractions of Kuari Pass Trek by making this fixed camp at Lower Guling his base camp. All the major view points would be just a days hike away from this point.

From the lower guling camp, there are beautiful day hiking options which would take anywhere between 2 to 8 hours. 

1-Winter Kuari Pass Trek - 16 Km  ( 8 hours)

2-Bod Tal Trek - 7 km ( 4 hours)

3-Tali Top Trek - 8 km ( 4 hours)

4-Gurson Bugyal Trek -7 km ( 5hours)

5-Champathang Trekking Peak Trek - 14 km ( 08 hours )

6-Snow Point Rani Khark Trek- 05 km ( 3 hours)

7-Gallakholi Pangerchull View Point Trek - 03 km ( 2 hours)

A nature seeker could choose to visit the treks of his or her interest, they could make it a 7 day long trek or a single day trek. The flexibility this gives is amazing. 

This camping option is going to start operations from December 2017! 

You can read more about Mahavir Rana and his Winter Kuari pass trek here.

Here is also a good informational video on the Kuari Pass. 

(PS: We haven't met the makers of this video and hence cannot recommend them to you to do this trek with currently)