Gloves — For a high altitude trek

Gloves is one of the little thing which matters a great deal on high altitude treks.

When we plan to trek up the mountains we give considerable thought about the layers of protective clothing we need for our bodies and usually a little less thought about the kind of protective clothing we need for our hands.

On a high altitude trek our overall comfort is directly related to how warm and comfortable our hands are. We use our hands to hold on to the rocks while walking, while drinking cold water or hot tea. To clear snow or to pick up or bag pack. To give a hand to a fellow trekker or to simply wipe our faces. Our hands is used for a wide variety of things and its important to have gloves which not only make all these activities easy to do, but also simultaneously keep our hands warm.

For a mountaineer, the dexterity of his hands is even more important because he needs to tie knots, climbs use his carabiner and ice axe and lots more.

Choosing a thick gloves could keep the hands warm, but makes holding a bottle of water or cup of tea difficult. Having a water proof gloves is important especially if there are river crossings or you are trekking in the monsoons. When you select your gloves — Its always best to err on the side of warmer and more water proof, than on anything else.

If you are embarking on your first high altitude trek, it is worthwhile to give considerable thought to this and to purchase a pair of gloves which keeps your hands warm and dry and also comes ‘handy’ for your future treks and expeditions!

Here is a nice article on selecting gloves. And here is a checklist of things to carry on a trek in the Himalayas.