A Successful Traill's Pass Expedition by Narendra Kumar

Traill's Pass Expedition
Traill's Pass Expedition

Traill's pass is not amongst the highest of passes from himalayan standards, but it isn't always about the altitude.

On the Traill Pass Expedition
Picture from the Traill's Pass Expedition Sept - Oct 2017. 

Traill's pass is a very difficult expedition. Nearly 80% of the teams who have attempted to cross this pass have returned back unsucesfully and till date since the year 1830 when it was crossed for the first time by Malak Singh of Supi village, only 16 teams have crossed it successfully.

Traill's Pass Expedition
Picture from the Traill's Pass Expedition Sept - Oct 2017.

Narendra Kumar a local guide and mountaineer from Munsiyari successfully completed the Traill's pass expedition. The team had started the expedition on 19th September and returned to a cheering reception in Munsiyari on 12th October 2017. 

Narendra Kuma on Trail Pass
Narendra Kumar on the Traill's Pass Expedition - Sept to Oct 2017

Traill's pass connects the Pindari Valley to the Milam Valley.  The pass is at an height of 5312 meters, it is between Mount Nanda Devi and Mount Nanda Cot in the state of Uttarakhand.

Narendra Kumar on the Traill's Pass Expedition, Sept to Oct 2017

The team consisted of 5 members Dhruv Joshi, Narendra Kumar, Ravi, Sanket Patil & Prashant and part of Him Alpinist.

Dhruv Joshi & Narendra Kumar, on the Traill's pass Expedition

This expedition was also a record of sorts as Mr Dhruv Joshi becomes the person to cross this pass for the maximum number of times.

Dhruv Joshi Record for Traill's Pass
Dhruv Joshi Record for Traill's pass with Narendra Kumar

The Traill's Pass is also dangerous as it has many crevasses and things could get very risky.

Stunningly Beautiful Views On the Traill's Pass Expedition 2017

The Pindari Glacier Trek is a popular trek in the region, but Traill's pass remains elusive for most.

Enroute Traill's Pass, Pindari Valley

You can contact Narendra Kumar for any treks or expeditions in the Johar Valley or Pindari Valley regions he also conducts family and school hikes and treks in this area.