is a free service to benefit trekkers and empower local guides. We do not take any money from guides or trekkers.

We have a three fold mission at sherpafeet.
1. Safety & Awareness
2. Conservation
3. Empowerment

Safety & Awareness

Awareness of the risks and dangers of trekking in high himalayas is necessary to remain safe. Being aware of the risks, helps you to take necessary precautions.

That said, even the best of precautions at times cannot prevent the unforseen. Nevertheless, we as individuals should do our best to be safe and simultaneously honor the supreme power of nature.

There are many professionally run trekking organisation in India, which take care of many aspect of safety.

We at sherpafeet would specifically like to mention about Bangalore Adventure School for their proffessionalism and expertise.


Responsible trekking & proper garbage disposal are the areas we would like to focus on.


Education and livelihood of the locals are the areas we would like to focus on.

If you would like to help or partner with us to promote conservation, awareness or empowerment in the himalayas, please do get in touch with us!