Indian Himalayas, Uttarakhand, Garhwal
Trekking Guides For Kedartal:
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Review for Rajesh Thakur, 1st November 2017
Fourth time i was with Rajesh. He managed the entire trek beautifully that this has been my most relaxed trek.he managed the campings kitchen in an excellent way. One person with us was 62 yr old. Rajesh took special care for him He has also managed the permissions required. Wish him all the best.

Review for Baldev Rana, 1st August 2018
Valleys of flowers Hemkhund Saheb A very honest and kind of a guy who encouraged others to finish the trek Nice selection of food Good accommodation In all a perfect package

Review for Raghuveer Singh, 31st October to 5th November 2017
Two friends and I went to Kedartal in November.2017.Raghuveer and his team took care of us. It was a stunningly beautiful trek.Raghuveer and his mates were always there to help us thus making an arduous trek most enjoyable.We remain ever thankful to him for a memorable experience.

Review for Raghuveer Singh, 9th September to 16th September 2017
Raghuveer has been with me on two treks earlier. He is extremely good guide technically sound and cooperative. Apart from the two treks he did with me he has been on many hard technical treks. He had also been apart of Chaukhamba col crossing.

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