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Satyapal Singh, Village Bagori, India

Satyapal Singh

Everest Trek & Tour

Village Bagori, India
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About Satyapal Singh

Satyapal has more than a decade of climbing experience, he started climbing at the young age of 20. In 2006 while climbing Mount Satopanth, he was a High altitude porter. In 2014 he summitted Mount Satopanth.

Satyapal says the most important thing while climbing is the ability to judge risks well and being able to take calculated risks. He feels this is what he has learned in his 12 years of climbing. Satyapal says, there is a lot of fun but there is also a lot of difficulties in climbing, the biggest problem comes when the weather turns bad. He further emphasizes the importance to listen to the leader in an expedition, else it could get fatal.

Satyapal feels clients interested in expeditions should know their ability, they should know their body strength. He doesn't prefer clients who start fast and become slow later on, especially for expeditions where this could get dangerous.

Satyapal feels very strongly about keeping the mountains clean, he gets angry if customers throw their wrappers around and say sorry. He thinks that is not acceptable, rules have to be followed and cleanliness is as important a rule while climbing than anything else. He feels there is no place for “sorry” or “thank you” while climbing.

Satyapal believes in respecting nature as well as respecting the people who he is going with. He feels the team is a family and everyone should help each other.

Satyapal's father was a shepherd, but now his family has sold all their sheeps.