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High Altitude Meadows
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High Altitude Meadows
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Mansingh Bisht, Wan, India

Mansingh Bisht

Independent Trekking Guide

Wan, India
28 reviews

Trekkers Speak On Mansingh

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Saptaswa Chatterjee

Brahmatal Trek,

December 2017

5 Reviewed 89 days ago
He is a great cook guide come friend..!!lovely soul!The equipments provided by him was great..and the caring under those mountains..I was surprised to find pasta and poha for breakfast..and pulao and gulab jamun at night..created by the master Sherpa himself..he acted as a guide and helped us through diffiy terrains..motivating us forward..and the beauty u get to see all your effort!

Pinaki Bhattacharjee

Bagini Glacier Trek,

May 2019

5 Reviewed 97 days ago
Mann Singh is recommended for everyone for every trek, his hospitality and caring for the trekkers is beyond explanation. His cook, Jagat Singh Bisht was equally good and also served us with good quality of food.

Mayur Shetye

Brahmatal Trek,

December 2018

5 Reviewed 349 days ago
We were a group of 7 who did Brahmatal trek with Mansingh Bisht Ji. He being a local from Wan, we had an authentic experience of local culture. The service provided was outstanding. The quality of food, tents, sleeping bags and other equipment was too good. He is a great guy, very friendly and was accommodating with us in terms of timings and other needs. Did not make any fake...More

Greeshma Kelagur

Brahmatal Trek,

November 2018

5 Reviewed 387 days ago
The Gharwal region is one of the favorite spot for the globe trekkers. The colorful mountains and the wide range of snow peak mountains makes it very dear for us. Since we are small group of trekkers and want to be who we are in those mountains, we often tag...More

Susmita Das

Brahmatal Trek,

November 2018

5 Reviewed 396 days ago
Man sigh ji himself is quite competent, caring, friendly..his team is good too..they all take care of the trekkers very nicely and provide assistance at any phase and conditions if at all any difficulty we...More

About Mansingh Bisht

Born and brought up in Wan village, he completed his schooling in the local school. Mansingh has been interested in sports since he was a kid, he especially liked cricket and volleyball. While playing cricket he was more interested in batting and fielding!
Mansingh was always interested in traveling, he has traveled all over Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. He has done many treks like Roopkund, Kuari Pass, Brahma Tal, Rongti Sadal, Bagini Glacier, Hampta Pass, Kashmir Great Lakes, Stok Kangri and Chadar trek.
His favourite trek is Roopkund. He also liked Chadar trek because it tests ones ability to bear cold while trekking over a frozen river.
Mansingh’s family have fields of Rajmah, Potato and Wheat.
When asked about conservation, Mansingh says - “We have to protect the mountains. Any left over food and garbage has to be brought back and handed over to the forest department”.