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Bhumidev Thakur, Village Banara, India

Bhumidev Thakur

Independent Trekking Guide

Village Banara, India
1 reviews

Trekkers Speak On Bhumidev

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Shikhar Saini

Hampta-Circle Trek,

September 2018

1 Reviewed 457 days ago
I only spoke to him on phone asking about the price and details of the trek, first of all he was asking for too much money for a short 1 day trek, secondly he started speaking in an unprofessional and demotivating manner. Saying you wont be able to do the trek at my speed, i will...More

About Bhumidev Thakur

Bhumidev has trekked with client from Israel and America.

Other than the treks listed on sherpafeet, he has taken clients for the Darcha to Lamayuru trek since 2010, Parang La (Kibber to Tso Moriri) trek since 2012 and Phirtse La trek. He has been taking clients for Pin Parvati trek since 2006.

Bhumidev says conservation is a very important thing. He says -

                 "We have to pay attention to it and it depends on the guide. We have to save the nature."

                 "Toilet is one of the main things. People around Manali, put up their toilet tents next to the river,
                   this should stop. We need a proper solution - maybe a septic tank. The Hampta pass trek used
                   to be so beautiful earlier, it is not so now. People in Leh are able to control the dirt to an extent,
                   if they can, why can't we?"

Bhumidev recalls an incident with fondness. He says -

          "As a kid, once two Israeli clients had come.  They refused me - the moment they saw me - as I was small.
           I was dissapointed. My brother said don't be sad you could come along with me. At that time, the trek used
           to start from the next village called 'Nagar'. I was the first one to reach the trek start point and from there
           on I was the first one to reach every camp site. The clients became very happy with me. I then became a
           helper and went for many treks like Hampta pass.
As a helper, I used to watch the cook, when he used to
          cook and learnt to cook. I started enjoying this and took up cooking. I then went to a treks as a cook. 
          I then joined a company and they sent me with foreign clients as a cook. After doing a couple of treks like
         this, the company asked me to become guide. This is how I became a guide.