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Here is a checklist to pack your backpack.


  • A good sturdy backpack (40-60 litres)
  • A small bag to carry your daily necessities is mandatory if you are offloading your back pack.


  • A good pair of trekking shoes. Shoes with ankle support is recommended. A Good pair of shoes is important to protect your foot from injury.
  • A pair of chappals which will be used at the camping site.
  • Three pairs of  socks.


  • Three trekking pants, this includes the one you would be wearing.
  • Three tee shirts, this includes the one you would be wearing.
  • Two full sleeves woolens/fleece
  • One warm jacket.
  • One set of thermals - upper and lower.
  • One rain poncho.


  • One balaclava, this helps to protect the neck as well.
  • One pair of gloves, synthetic is good.
  • One cap to protect you from sun.
  • One sun glasses
  • One head lamp/torch
  • One trekking pole
  • Two water bottles
  • One lunch box
  • One tumbler
  • One spoon


  • A sunscreen lotion with high SPF
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste and soap
  • Towel to wipe your face
  • One chap stick for dry lips.
  • A packet of wet tissues
  • A roll of toilet paper.
  • A few plastic covers to pack or carry your dry waste back.    


  • Chocolate
  • Dry fruits and nuts
  • ORS / Glucon D