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Pin Parvati Trek

Himachal Pradesh , INDIA

Pin Parvati Trek Highlights

Pin Parvati Trek Altitude

5319 meters

Trek Level


Trek Duration (Days)

10, 11, 12

Minimum Age


Pin Parvati Trek Months

July, August, September

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Overview of Pin Parvati trek

This trek takes you from the beautiful Parvati valley to the heavenly Pin valley in Spiti. Thats why it is called the Pin Parvati.

This trek is not for the faint hearted, as you need to trek over rugged mountains and snow fields.

Your eyes get to feast over lush greenery to snow white mountains. You will see wild flowers, lakes and meadows.

This trek is for the experienced trekker who has done Himalayan treks before. If this is your first Himalayan trek, choose one of the easier ones.

A generic itinerary for Pin Parvati trek

A generic itinerary starting and ending at Manali.

Day 1:  Manali to Rudranath via Barsheni

Day 2:  Rudranath to Khir Ganga

Day 3:  Khir Ganga to Tundabhuj

Day 4:  Tundabhuj to Thakurkuan
Day 5: Thakurkuan to Mantalai 

Day 6:  Rest day and Acclimatization
Day 7: Mantalai to Parvati camp
Day 8: Parvati camp to Pin Parvati Pass to Pin Valley camp
Day 9: Pin Valley camp to Wichkurung Thatch
Day 10: Wichkurung thatch to Mudh/Kaza
Day 11: Kaza/Mudh to Manali