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Audens Col & Khatling Glacier Trek







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Neat and clean sleeping bags, which is exclusively used by a trekker during a trek.
We serve food in comfortable dining tents, with portable table and chairs for the convenience of the trekker.
Comfortable sleeping tents on a DOUBLE sharing basis.
You trek with expert local and mountaineering qualified guides who can speak english and are experts of the terrain for your safety and comfort.
The staff employed by us are helpful and responsive to customer needs.
This trek takes you on one of the most difficult treks in the Garhwal Himalayas
This trek starts from the Holy Gangotri to the Holy Kedarnath shrine.
We walk over dangerous glaciers, moraines and pass by crevasses. We go through high passes and meadows, for a complete experience of the cold himalayan valley.
Trek Type Extreme Treks
Trek Level DIY Level II
Minimum Age 12 years
Trekking days 12 days
Trekking Distance 100 km
Transportation Mahindra Bolero or Maxx or Equivalent Non AC vehicle.
Food Indian or Chinese Vegetarian Food.
Accomodation Tents on double sharing
We Serve Food in Comfortable Dining tents along with portable tables and chairs. This may not be possible in the higher camps or on glaciers.
Guide will be equipped with ropes, Ice Axe, Crampons, snow shovel, Carabiners.
Upto 9 kgs of personal bag pack can be offloaded.
Expert Mountaineering Certified Local Guides who can speak English.
Food starts from the first day of trek starting with Dinner at Bebra or Agora to the last day of trek, ending with breakfast at Bebra or Agora.
All necessary permit and related charges
Sleeping bags, Mattress, Kitchen Tent, Dining Tent, Toilet Tent. Cook, Porters and Staff.

The Audens col trek is a difficult trek and should be taken up only by experienced trekkers. Only trekkers who are medically fit can go on this trek. This goes to an altitude above 5450 meters. On this trek a trekker would need to cross dangerous crevasses, big boulders and walk on glaciers for a prolonged period of time. On this trek about three nights are spent on a glacier. So a trekker would need to be mentally prepared for a tough trek. There are two exit routes for the trek, the decision on the exit point is taken depending on the condition of the bridge to cross over the Bhilangana river. The bridge is a temporary construction made by sherpherds, usually with logs. This construction is usually done once in a season, and depending on how good the monsoon has been the bridge could remain for lesser or longer time. If the bridge cannot be crossed then the exit would be through Guttu instead of Kedarnath.

  • Day 1

    Gangotri to Nala Camp

    Maximum Altitude: 3750

    Distance Covered: 9 km

    Accomodation Type: Tents and Sleeping bags

    We will have breakfast at Gangotri and carry packed lunch. We will cross Jad Ganga River and we will pass by Deodhar trees to reach Nala Camp. We will have a steep climb on this day. Nala camp is nestled cosily between the mountains.

  • Day 2

    Nala Camp to Rudragaira Camp

    Maximum Altitude: 4350

    Distance Covered: 6 km

    Accomodation Type: Tents and sleeping bags

    Rudraigaira is a steep climb from Nala Camp. It is a zig zag route up the mountains. The tree line ends at Nala camp and the trail will be barren and rocky. It will be a tough climb. We have wide meadows in Rudragaira and is the camping spot for shepherds in the summer months.

  • Day 3

    Rudraigaira to Rudragaira

    Maximum Altitude: 4350

    Distance Covered: 0 km

    Accomodation Type: Tents and Sleeping bags

    This is an acclimatisation day. On this day, we will rest and maybe slightly explore the surrounding places. At this point the decision is taken on whether the trekkers can safely proceed further or not. Has this is at an high altitude and further from here, there will be more ascents, trekkers not feeling well, may have to turn around at this point for their own safety. Trekker should not hide any kind of ailments or sickness as the route from here will be very difficult and dangerous. We will have breakfast, hot lunch and dinner at the campsite in Rudragaira.

  • Day 4

    Rudragaira to Gangotri Group Basecamp

    Maximum Altitude: 4600

    Distance Covered: 6 km

    Accomodation Type: Tents and sleeping bags

    It will be a tough route, we will have to cross moraines, big rocks, while walking on the Glacier. Gangotri basecamp is also the basecamp of Gangotri base camp of I, II, III. The water gets hard here and we will have to make do by drink the hard water available.

  • Day 5

    Gangotri Group Basecamp to Auden’s Col Basecamp

    Maximum Altitude:

    Distance Covered: 5 km

    Accomodation Type: Tents and sleeping bags

    We will cross Moraines and Glacier to reach the Auden's Col basecamp. This basecamp is situated on the Glacier. It could so happen that the Glacier is cracked or broken at places. Which limits the amount of space available to camp. This is usually the case and in this scenario, we have to make do with few tents only as it may not be possible to pitch all the tents.

  • Day 6

    Auden’s Col Basecamp to Audens Col to Khatling Glacier Camp

    Maximum Altitude:

    Distance Covered: 10 km

    Accomodation Type: Tents and sleeping bags

    As this day is going to be one of the toughest days, we will start preparing a night before. We pack our bags, prepare our shoes, harness the previous night itself. We will start early in the morning at around 4 am and the first three hours we start climbing with fixed ropes. We have to walk on ice for about a kilometre. All members will have to walk together. We have to follow the footprints of the guide on the snow, as there could be crevasses all around. We have to follow all the instructions as given by the guide. It is important to summit Auden's Col in time. Once we reach Auden's Col we can do some photography and maybe some prayers to have reached here safely and also pray for our onward journey. After that we have to rappel downwards, the guide will fix the ropes for that. We will have to descend carefully. The stones are loose here and instructions have to be followed carefully. If even one trekker slips his feet, it could put everyone in the group at risk. So it is critical to stick to the rules as outlined by the guide. After descending, the camping site is determined by the guide, by finding a camping spot which is away from crevasses.

  • Day 7

    Khatling Glacier to Zero Point

    Maximum Altitude: 3700

    Distance Covered: 12 km

    Accomodation Type: Tents and sleeping bags

    The first three to four hours of the trek will be over the glacier, while avoiding crevasses. The safety precautions have to be maintained on this route to avoid any danger to life. The route will be descending all the way to Zero Point. When the Glacier ends, we will have to navigate to rocky boulders and stones for another few kilometers.

  • Day 8

    Zero Point to Chowki

    Maximum Altitude: 3717

    Distance Covered: 9 km

    Accomodation Type: Tents and sleeping bags

    It is a straight trail, on this day we decide if we proceed to Kedarnath or not, depending on the condition of the bridge. If th bridge is in a bad condition we would go to Tambakund instead.

  • Day 9

    Chowki to Masar Tal

    Maximum Altitude:

    Distance Covered: 6 km

    Accomodation Type: Tents and sleeping bags

    It will be a difficult days trek, in which we have a lot of ascent. We will camp at Masar Tal for the night

  • Day 10

    Masar Tal to Vasuki Tal

    Maximum Altitude: 4135

    Distance Covered: 15 km

    Accomodation Type: Tents and sleeping bag

    From Masar Tal we climb about 300 meter and then we descend to Vasu Ki Tal. Masar Tal itself is a pass. There will be big boulders and it will be a rocky area to navigate

  • Day 11

    Vasuki Tal to Kedarnath

    Maximum Altitude: 3553

    Distance Covered: 6 km

    Accomodation Type: Hotel room with double sharing.

    It will be a total descend from here to Kedarnath. On this day, you can visit the holy shrine and see the places around. You are free to have your lunch and dinner at Kedarnath.

  • Day 12

    Kedarnath to Gaurikund

    Maximum Altitude:

    Distance Covered: 16 km

    Accomodation Type: None

    It is a descend to Gaurikund. The trek ends here, you can take a taxi to go back to Guptkashi/Rudraprayag or Srinagar and proceed further from there the next day to your destination.

  • Trek Ends Here